Thank you for visiting my website. So who am I? I’m a curious data scientist | advanced data analyst| health systems specialist, machine learning and AI enthusiast, with firm values of perseverance, honesty, and determination; who believes in synergy and team spirit to deliver a result. I build this website to share some of my learning experience about  informed decision making, also try to provide resources to people who are interested in data science or advanced data analytics. With an interdisciplinary background in Economics and International Health and Business Administration, I uncover and breakdown hidden information and get insights to solve contemporary business problems.

I’m also an advanced data analyst| health systems specialist, machine learning and AI enthusiast. With a backpack in global health, health economics, performance monitoring and quality improvement and evaluation with more than ten years of experience in applying my knowledge and skills to solve public health and Economic security issues. I also have a Strong understanding and ability in data analysis, data mining, wrangling, and visualization using python, tableau, and power-BI. This is a personal website developed with intention of sharing contemporary issues that require evidence to get insights and solve business problems. Previously, I worked as a Health Systems Specialist, consultant of Health systems for Health systems 20/20, Health economist consultant for Abt Associates Inc. My working experience in the health sector industry at different levels nurtures my technical and business analysis, view and problem-solving ability.  My interdisciplinary background arms me with the skills to solve real-world business problems through analytical methodologies and programming. I love to challenge myself to research unknown domains as well as learn cutting-edge versatile technologies.  Identification of high impact and low-cost interventions in the public health area is critical in achieving the set Sustainable development goals. I have led, participated in designing cost-effective interventions based on available shreds of evidence. The application of data science in the health sector has paramount importance and significance.

Data science helps minimize cost and identify critical mission factors for specific programs and projects.  The world is now changing every second and more people have access to at least mobile networks and social media and using data science governments, non-governmental institutions, and the private sector can enhance the financial stewardship as well as minimize the time needed to meet the 2030 SDGs. As a data scientist, my goal is to help decision-makers understand the meaning, intuition, and insights of existing evidence and empower them to make informed decision-making based on facts. Most importantly, I am a good team player who could provide a valuable contribution in a group working environment with dedication to achieve organizational goals and mission. The role of data is growing enormously with the advancement of Data science as well as the advancement of different data science tools. The dynamics of python for data analysis and presentation is changing how we communicate the success of one organization to address the growing demand of customers across different time zones.

Once more, welcome to my site. This site is meant for professional development and as a user and visitor of my site you can contribute, publish and leave comments.

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My technical and Managerial Skills:

  • Analytics: understanding business problems and building data-driven solutions
  • Statistics: SAS, STATA, LiST, iHTP,SPSS, Advanced Excel,
  • Machine Learning: Regression, Classification, Clustering, Feature Selection, Model Selection/ Assessment, and Recommendation
  • Data Mining & Information Retrieval
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Python Data Analysis: Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, NLTK
  • Data Visualization: Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Matplotlib, Seaborn,pydotplus
  • Big Data related techniques: Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Pig, Spark
  • Programming Languages: Python, R
  • Database:  SQLite, SQLalchemy
  • Project Management/Grant Development and Management, cost-effectiveness
  • Analysis and Modeling, Performance monitoring and quality improvement (PMQI)
  • Business Development and Analysis
  • Impact evaluation of public policies, Evidence-based planning, simulation, forecasting, estimation, and modeling
  • Managing dynamic institutions, costing, financial management, operations management Skills
  • Good research, writing, interpersonal and oral communication skills

If you are interested in my studying field, please visit the link in my accomplishments here.

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In addition to reading Fivethirtyeight and NY times storytelling data, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. In the winter, I am a novice ice climber. During the warmer months, I enjoy biking, free climbing, and running.

When forced indoors, I follow a number of sci-fi and fantasy genre movies and television shows, I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements in the data science world and how to dissect the story.


  • Balanced Scorecard Master Practitioner & Change Management-BSCI-GW Master
  • Business Analytics with Excel – SimpliLearn Certification
  • Business Analytics with SAS – SimpliLearn Certification
  • Master Business Analytics with R – SimpliLearn Certification
  • Data Science with python SimpliLearn Certification
  • Immersive Data science Course with python- General Assembly
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